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Highways, ring road, expressways of tomorrow in the Greater Paris

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What should  highways, ring road, expressways of the Greater Paris look like in the future ?

The International Consultation in a few words

The question of the future use of  highways arises in most world and French cities, in a context of strong technological innovation, including the development of smartphone applications for travel assistance and information. users - now largely integrated into the daily lives of Parisians - the search for new engines, including electric motors, and the exploitation of artificial intelligence for autonomous vehicles. In the face of the negative externalities generated by pollution and congestion (for example, mobility contributes, for example, to about a third of greenhouse gas and fine particle emissions), many metropolises are wondering about optimize the use of these major infrastructures or implement their requalification, taking into account the economic and social constraints of the demand for mobility.


Conscious of these issues, the local authorities - gathered in the joint study syndicate Greater Paris Metropolitan Forum - in partnership with the State, launch an international consultation on Highways, ring road, expressways of tomorrow in the Greater Paris .

 Through collective work carried out in parallel, four multidisciplinary teams will produce prospective scenarios for upgrading the highways, the ring road and the expressways of Greater Paris in the medium and long term (with staking at 2030 and 2050). It will also be a question of sharing these issues with citizens and civil society, since the results of the work will materialize through a public exhibition, and consultation mechanisms will be implemented throughout the process

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Team presentation

The selection of the teams is in progress… find more information in this section soon.

The steering committee (COPIL) will be the political body giving directions of the project, it is chaired by the Greater Paris Metropolitan Forum president and gather all financial partners representative or elected.

Current partners, this list may be continued

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